At Mindustries, the sales training focuses especially on techniques and selling ideas that have all been widely used. New sales techniques, sales training and selling methods are continually developing and it’s our job to always keep in touch with them and further update the training.

While early sales processes still contain some useful techniques and fundamentals, successful selling today relies on modern selling using collaboration, facilitation, and partnership. Mindustries’ job is to provide our clients tips on selecting sales training providers, sales training programs, selling courses and sales management training that will help each participant understand that successful selling requires that the product or service is of suitable quality for its target market, and that the selling company takes good care of its customers.

Therefore it's helpful for the sale person (or anyone else in business for that matter) to work for a professional, good quality organization and trust in its value. Product development, design and production, service delivery, and the integrity of the selling company's organization are also necessary for successful selling, and typically are outside the formal control of the sales person, hence why internal selling is an increasingly important aspect of the modern sales role.

Mindustries job is to „educate” effective sales people as interpreters and translators (and increasingly educators too) who can enable the complex systems of the buying organisation and the selling organisation to work together for the benefit of both.