Mindustries has experience in organizing and providing trainings, consultancy and mentoring. As a provider of authorized training programs and professional training programs that performed courses and seminars across the country, the company had trained over 5,000 people in different areas of the country. The company conducts training courses, completed with certificates of participation in Customer Focus Sales Management, Consultative Selling- Professional, Consultative Selling- Advanced, Sales Leadership, Consultative Service, Personal and Professional Coaching, Coaching online myCOACH Management, Sales Management at Work.

Mindustries participated in the implementation of various projects as a leader or partner in collaboration with prestigious companies: SC Rompetrol SA, Vodafone SA, SC Metro SA, SC Flanco SA, Unicredit Tiriac SA, SC. PepsiCo etc. Focusing on the training component, we recall the following implemented programs: Customers first, Sale Focus on Customer Conselleo Training, Coaching Conselleo.

Some of our projects, represent:

1. Project co-financed from European Social Fund through POSDRU (Sectorial Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources)

The Academy of Economical Studies in Bucharest – Faculty of International Relationships, in partnership with our business partner European Project Consulting, HR Specialists si ESSEC Business School implement the project “MASTER PRACTICA” with the purpose of facilitating the insertion of master students into the labor market, especially into Economy and Foreign Affairs field by offering them the possibility of choosing relevant and qualitative internships.

The project is financed through Sectorial Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources 2007- 2013, Priority Ax: 2 “Correlation of study throughout life with labor market ”, ” Major Area of Intervention 2.1: “Transition from school to active life”

Duration of the project: 20 months, and the total value: 2.028.435,80 RON

The General Objective of the project is the insertion into the labour market of a number of 120 master students coming from the Economy and International Affairs field, through regional and transregional possibilities of internship, especially in economy and innovation domain. 

The specific objectives includes:

  1. Improvement of business carrier opportunities through the access at the national and international labour market of potential employers;

  2. Improvement of competences of the team implementing the project by exchanging experiences, good practices and by participating to training programmes to support internship opportunities.

  3. Dissemination of the project results and promotion of transition methods from school to active life.

  4. Training the tutors

  5. Development of support material for the master students internship opportunities

  6. Organizing a forum of discussion at international level for the dissemination of the project results and promotion of transition methods from school to active lif


Target group of the project is the personal of companies – as tutors - 50 persons and students from the national study system – 120 persons.

Mindustries has collaborated with the beneficiary of the project by offering the possibility of 2 student girls to engage in an internship and help them observe and participate in some of the activities of our team: training, consultancy, organising information, study of material, learning from experienced trainers.
The 2 tutors (Anton Ghiga and Cristian Ghera) involved and gave the interns training materials to study and also observe the daily activity of our company. During almost 2 months of internship they were assured not only a qualitative learning of training system and business consultancy but also the support in answering to different kind of questions that involved advices for a better development when applying for different positions into the labour market.


2.  “Development of entrepreneurial spirit and improvement of competitively in business” POSDRU/92/3.1/S/61820, project co-financed by Social European Fund.

The project “Development of entrepreneurial spirit and improvement of competitively in business” POSDRU/92/3.1/S/61820 targets the development of entrepreneurial and managerial skills for 1200 mangers of microenterprise and SMCs throughout a professional training system and innovative guidance services that projects the development of new entrepreneurial practices.

The programme is developed in five regions of Romania, during three years and it addresses to all of team leaders or possible, future ones, for example: managers, supervisors, project managers.

Target Group:

The project addresses of a target group of 1200 persons from the urban area of Bucuresti-Ilfov, Centre, West, North-East and South- Muntenia.

The target group will be distributed into the activities of the project, hereunder

  • 1200 persons from which 650 women at 4 courses of specific professional training, where 1 is obligatory – entrepreneurial competences. 


Mindustries has participated to the present project by furnishing professional training, offered by Cristian Ghera and Laura Vrabie and support to the participants from the target group. 
Both trainers were involved in sessions across the country and helped increase the impact of the project for all the leaders or the ones to be mainly due to their flexibility and professionalism when it comes to working with different attitudes and personalities.