Mindustries offers Relevant, Practical, Involving and Motivating BUSINESS NEGOCIATION TRAINING . 

We all argue that virtually everything in this life is negotiable and, whilst it is not really appropriate to spent time trying bargin over the price of a bag of chips, it is important to have good skills whenever buying or selling items of value.

The course is designed in the way that the participants will learn to identify weak and risky communication moments and will be able to eliminate them. At the same time, they will acquire negotiating principles and will be able to recognise individual negotiating styles, including selection of the right defence tactics. The students will also be capable of convincing argumentation and presentation in front of their partners.

We take a practical view of negotiations, appreciating that both buyers and sellers have to get good results and develop strong working relationships at the same time. We also recognise that we are all buyers and sellers in our private lives and that we need to understand both sides of the negotiating table if we are to succeed.