Mindustries human resources management and training seminars provide innovative skills, behaviors and strategies for recruiting employees, reducing employee turnover, promoting employee development and retaining a talented, flexible and diverse workforce by using one of the most famous recruitment tools: The Predicitve Index.®

Using the practical advice in our human resources management training seminars to create an environment that fosters professional satisfaction and encourages employee development, a crucial component to help ensure your company has a true and sustainable competitive advantage.

During its almost 7 years of experience in this field, Mindustries and its trainers have applied new approaches and techniques for each training employees and built organizational unity and have always helped clients with the best professional training when recruting for different positions.

Diagnostic Services

Our company offers diagnostic services for private organizations, non-profit, public institutions, etc. Organizational diagnosis is in fact the process of understanding the way the organization works, and it must offer the requested information to design interventions meant to produce changes, improvement or development in the organization. By the end of the analysis, there will be made a report for the organization, which will include besides the descpription of the existing situation, useful conclusions and recommendations in the process of taking decisions and implementng changes to streamline the business.

Qantitiative Methods include questionnaires for employes to analyse the organizational culture, the professional satisfaction of employees, questionnaires for the beneficiaries of the services provided by the organization - to assess the quality of services and satisfaction to the beneficiaries, managerial competencies evaluation questionnaires of senior personnel and evaluation questionnaires of the management system and related processes planning, organization, coordination, monitoring, control, etc. and the existing management strategy and policies.

On the other side, the Qualitative Methods includes the analysis of documents (procedures, policies, ISO descriptions of processes, tools and systems multiple choice documented salary, job description, etc.), open and structured interview (with employees in management and operational area in order to identify how existing elements are used and compared with the actual needs), focus groups and assessment skill centers (leadership, coordination, accountability, motivation, setting goals, time management, etc.)

In terms of costs, they are presented as follows:
Organizations with less than 50 employees: 64.000,00 ron
Organizations with more than 50 to 100 employees: 120.000,00 ron
Organizations with more than 100 to 250 employees: 260.000,00 ron
Organizations with more than 250 employees: 380.000,00 ron

Servicii de Diagnoza

Compania ofera de asemenea servicii de diagnoza pentru organizatii private, non-profit, institutii publice etc. Diagnoza organizationala este procesul de intelegere a modului in care organizatia functioneaza in momentul de fata, oferind, in acelasi timp, informatia necesara proiectarii interventiilor destinate schimbarii, imbunatatirii sau dezvoltarii organizationale dupa caz. La finalul realizarii analizei de diagnoza va fi realizat un raport pentru organizatie, care va cuprinde pe langa descrierea situatiei existente, concluzii si recomandari utile in luarea deciziilor la nivelul conducerii cat si in implementarea schimbarilor in scopul eficientizarii activitatii.

Metodele cantitative includ: chestionarele aplicate angajatilor pentru analiza culturii organizationale, a satisfactiei profesionale a angajatilor, chestionarele aplicate beneficiarilor serviciilor oferite de catre organizatie, pentru evaluarea calitatii serviciilor oferite si a gradului de satisfactie a beneficiarilor cu privire la acestea, chestionarele de evaluare a competentelor manageriale ale personalului cu functii de conducere si chestionare de evaluare a sistemului de management si proceselor aferente de planificare, organizare, coordonare, monitorizare, control, etc cat si a strategiei si politicilor manageriale existente.

De cealalta parte Metodele calitative presupun analiza documentelor (proceduri, politici, descrieri ISO de procese, instrumente si sisteme documentate de tip grila de salarii, fise de post, organigrama, etc), interviul structurat si deschis (cu angajati in functii de conducere si angajati din operational, pentru a identifica modul in care sunt utilizate elementele existente si nevoile reale in raport cu sistemul analizat), focus grupurile si centre de evaluare de competente (leadership, coordonare, responsabilitate, motivatie, setare de obiective, time management, etc)

In ceea ce priveste costuri, acestea se prezinta, dupa cum urmeaza:
Organizatii cu pana la 50 angajati: 64.000,00 ron
Organizatii cu peste 50 si pana la 100 angajati: 120.000,00 ron
Organizatii cu peste 100 si pana la 250 angajati: 260.000,00 ron
Organizatii cu peste 250 angajati: 380.000,00 ron