Mindustries course in human behavior prepares all of the participants to merge their knowledge of psychology and design to create safer, healthier and more productive environments. Working with The Predictive Index® - a tool that also studies behaviors, our company’s overall objectives is to provide with the basic knowledge, skills and competence to effectively understand and manage your own behaviour and your relationships at work with the aim of enhancing your teamship and people management.

Along the training on Human Behaviour, there is also another important aspect, that of business psychology that refers to the application of organised knowledge about human behaviour to improve personal and interpersonal satisfaction and productivity in the job. It is the systematic study of human behaviour in a work setting with the specific aim to enhance productivity, interpersonal relationships in the work setting as well as job satisfaction. Aspects of human behaviour to be investigated will show the impact of human behaviour on interpersonal as well as intra-personal processes which ultimately enhances or hinders job performance and effectiveness.